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Have you ever noticed those beautiful selfies on Instagram where someone is in direct sunlight and they look like a glowing goddess? This complexion perfection is instantly achieved when Illuminated by golden hour- AKA magic hour, and the sun warms you up and makes you glow in all the right places. But why should we have to limit this look to one hour of the day? Rather than chasing the sun, we have some products to achieve that same radiance all day long.

Golden hour is all about the natural, effortless glow. We want to start with a base product that is going to make our skin look and feel healthy and hydrated. To begin, we love to use our cream Illuminator with Diamond Powder all over the face. The luminosity of the diamond dust is going to catch and reflect any light throughout the day for a subtle glow from within.                                                 

YB Tip: For extra coverage, mix together with our Liquid Mineral Foundation.

Now, to add dimension and color. One of the most beautiful aspects of golden hour is the bronze hues it creates. To look effortlessly sun-kissed, we dip in to our ‘Sundance’ Mineral Radiance powder. It’s a triple threat when it comes to achieving an all-in-one color balance. Simply swirl a large fluffy brush in circular motions to mix all three shades, and lightly sweep across the cheekbones, the corners of the forehead, and jawline. The bronze minerals are designed to warm up your skin, while the apricot undertone of the blush will give you just the right amount of rosiness.

YB Tip: Take an eyeshadow blender brush and sweep back and forth in “windshield wiper motions” in the crease of the eye for added dimension. 

Still want to crank up the sun just a little bit more? Our Lunar Dust is the perfect highlight to finish off natural, dewy skin. With a small fluffy brush, we like to lightly sweep atop the cheekbones, above the brow arches, cupids bow, and the button of the nose.

YB Tip: Apply Lunar Dust to the inner corners of your eyes and in the middle of the eyelid for extra suncatching!

For finishing touches to bring everything together, we apply our Outrageous Lashes Full Volume Mascara for a voluminous, clump-free lash. Then, our Free Spirit Lipgloss to maintain hydrated lips with a natural pop of color!

Now there's no more chasing the sun for the best lighting! The beauty of this look is that you are in control of how bright your shine can be. We want to see you at your best golden hour look. Make sure to tag #Youngbloodblog in your next golden hour selfie so we can see that beautiful radiance!